dsc_0235Anita Methodist was my second home. I joined the school when I was 2.5 years old. All my schooling till 10th was at Anita Methodist. My journey was with wonderful teachers who moulded us, especially with their prayers. We were the 4th batch to pass out of Anita Methodist (then only till standard 10). I still remember migrating from colour dresses to uniform, from the brick cards to build the buildings to collections for fans to be used in classrooms. We were very much part of Anita Methodist. Those jungle gyms, mad plays and lunch in the ground still remain fresh in my mind. I cherish the time under the wood apple trees where we used to catch dragonflies and wait for them to lift tiny stones.

It was a big family. How can I not mention the dining hall – that big hall where we used to have lunch and snacks, the British era stairs to the offices, those lovely fish tanks, the Sheela monkey that made the day for children, the library time reading Tinkleand Champak, the music classes singing “Honey in the gum so sweet so sweet”, carpentry classes, black Master or white Master (sticks that our PT master used to bring ), annual sales, medical check-ups, waiting for the promotion cards, the first computer labs in the then-new buildings – all memories which are precious.

I remember the house system getting introduced when we were at 5th grade, with me coming to Baldwin house; the drill we did ‘Off to Barcelona’ for one of the sports days. I also recall our first ever long trip to Kodaikanal and to Madurai. We were very privileged to have visited ISRO Sriharikota. Every parent knew every other kid and their family. Teachers used to visit homes and they even knew the names by handwriting.

Life and what we are today is good because of our teachers and their prayers for us. Importance was given first to God. I thank all my teachers and pay respectful homage to the lives of Mrs Padmini Thomas, Mr Paul Roseand Miss Portia.

God Bless Anita Methodist.

– John Wesley Ebenezer


My days in Anita Methodist were ones that I cherish much and made precious memories. I remember the day of my second grade, walking through those gates for the first time, with tears in my eyes, refusing to leave my parents. Only 11 years later did I realise those tears were in vain. I soon started referring to Anita Methodist as ‘my school’.

My school taught me many things, which I highly doubt if I’d ever have acquired had I been in other institutions. I believe that God is the most important person in life. From the special occasions to the assembly, from the classroom to the faculty, the aspect of God is seen everywhere. God plays a very important role in our Anita Methodist family. Verses on the classroom board, the lessons from the assemblies, and the prayers held by the Anita Methodist family all reflect on how important God is to man. Anita Methodist is firmly a God-driven institution.

Another key factor that Anita Methodist emphasizes is the benefits of communication in English. The school took earnest efforts to make communication in English mandatory on campus. This was highly beneficial to me, personally, as I am now very comfortable with conversing in English.

Added to this, I was equipped with a lot more. My character and personality were carefully moulded. I gained exposure through the student exchange program, which was an opportunity granted by my school. The school also has an active Student Body Council that takes the responsibility to represent the students and their needs to the teachers. I have had the privilege of serving as the School Pupil leader during the year of 2015-2016. I was trained in leadership, and I learnt how to lead by serving.

If I was to describe my experience with my school in one sentence, “Anita Methodist is a gift from GOD in my life”.

– Joel Soloman Raj A.