dsc_0235Dear all


At the outset, I thank Almighty Triune God and my personal Savior Jesus Christ for placing me in this important responsibility as Correspondent of the School for the past six years. Also, I am very happy for the leadership of Mrs. Joan, Principal, for the past six years. The present Trustees brought tremendous growth to school infrastructure, administration, discipline, and academic standards. All these were possible because of the blessings of the Chairmen, especially the present Chairman Bishop Dr. E. D. Yesurathnam, Members of the Managing Committee, Members of the sub-committees on Finance and Selection.

I am happy about the legacy of Methodism in the educational missions. Our connectivity with national and international schools makes us confident in doing the best for the community. Our well-proven administrative systems and organizational structures made us reach the present state of the affairs of the school.

I am proud of my teaching and non-teaching faculties for their dedication, determination, and demonstrations of high quality in teaching, leading, and grooming the student community.  Now the school has taken a further step in developing the parents who are in dire need of economic development. Our students do their best in various curricular and extra-curricular activities. When you enter into the campus of the Anita Methodist Matriculation Higher Secondary School, you are greeted by stately buildings and the vast playground. The school campus has become so attractive to all students and facilities so desirable for onlookers that we run out of admissions every year.

Anita Methodist school is a home for all students from various family backgrounds and walks of life. Joy and love are shared with all irrespective of caste, creed, color, and class. We nurture true citizenship and make students grow as responsible stewards of the society with social responsibility. All our school activities are aimed at imparting all-round quality education to all our students. Our aim, is to give the best education at an affordable price. May God bless our school.

Rev. Andrew B Natarajan
Vice-Chairman & Correspondent