The extra-curricular clubs are designed to give the students an opportunity to develop diverse enthusiasms. With the freedom to choose the clubs that best match their interests, the students have a place and time to nurture that interest under the guidance of a teacher or resource person with expertise in the field. Students are also encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and experiment with different clubs so that they not only develop skills but also the courage to try new things.

Junior Clubs

  1. Aerobics
  2. Craft Junior Club
  3. Bulbuls
  4. Chess Junior Club
  5. Choir Junior
  6. Computer Junior Club
  7. Cooking Junior Club
  8. Cubs
  9. Eco Junior Club
  10. Guides Junior
  11. JRC Junior
  12. Karate Junior Club
  13. Mathematics Junior Club
  14. Needle Work Junior Club
  15. Road Safety Patrol Junior
  16. Scouting Junior
  17. Tamil Literary Junior Club
  18. Reading Club
  19. Painting Club
  20. Dance Junior Club

Senior Clubs

  1. Crafts Senior Club
  2. Band
  3. Campus Magazine
  4. Choir Senior
  5. Computer Senior Club
  6. Cooking Senior Club
  7. Eco Senior Club
  8. Guiding Senior Club
  9. Guitar Club
  10. Interact Club
  11. JRC Senior
  12. Karate Senior Club
  13. Mathematics Senior Club
  14. Needle Work Senior Club
  15. Reading Club
  16. Road Safety Senior Patrol
  17. Scouting Senior
  18. Tamil Literary Senior Club
  19. Dutch Culture Club
  20. Dance Senior Club