Integrated Network and Campus WiFi

In 2017, the campus networks were thoroughly revamped and a new, secure, high-speed integrated network was put in place. Thanks to this network, all student computers can access the internet safely and securely.

Added to this, a WiFi network was set up as a part of this integrated network implementation. Blanketing the entire school with secure and reliable Wireless Internet which has propelled our school squarely into the modern sea of Internet-connected teaching.

Shared Storage and Collaborative tools

All our staff access shared storage, which enables them to quickly edit, review and collaborate with each other for every aspect of content creation for the classrooms.

With the implementation of the new network and our campus WiFi in 2017, enhanced the efficiency of teaching and reduced the amount of paperwork required for various activities of the school. Our teachers are well-equipped with their own iPads for official use which enables them to work seamlessly wherever they are on campus.

Wireless Projection in Classrooms

Having an integrated network as our backbone, our teachers were able to utilize the feature of projecting on-screen from their iPads. Our school has Apple TVs installed in all classes with compatible projectors.

This frees up the teacher to move around the classroom and continue teaching while controlling the content being projected on the screen.