International Programmes

Celebrating children is one of our core values. This propels us to connect with children from schools across the world. The school has a vibrant exchange programme both at the level of students and teachers.

Under the prestigious banner of AFS, we have had our children go as exchange students to the US, Egypt, Italy and Japan.

Thanks to our partnership with Greijdanus Schools, Netherlands, we send our students to the Netherlands. Anita Methodist also hosts students and teachers from the Netherlands. This partnership has kept us a technologically advanced school apart from advancements in other areas. Please read below some of the testimonials. 

Teacher Exchanges – Testimonials

Mrs Vasanthi

My trip to the Netherlands fulfilled my dream of international travel, an exhilarating adventure. Staying with the Gerrits family in Zwolle allowed me to experience Dutch daily life, traditions, and culture firsthand. The Grejdanus education system impressed me with its focus on critical thinking and collaboration. Exploring the picturesque Netherlands left me with cherished memories. This trip was life-changing, broadening my horizons and deepening my appreciation for diverse cultures. I’m grateful to God and my authorities for this incredible opportunity in the exchange program.

Mr Bram Verhoeff

I’ve visited India twice, in 2015 and 2017, at Anita Methodist School in Chennai. Over the years, I’ve organized student exchanges and teacher meetings, developing a deep appreciation for the students, teachers, and management there. We’ve learned from each other, and with 38 years of teaching experience in Canada and the Netherlands, I thrive in an atmosphere of trust, creativity, and challenge. God has provided us, His children, beautiful opportunities to connect our schools and children internationally. We have eyes to see and lips to tell: How great is God Almighty, who created all things well!

Mrs Vinona

I started my journey with a heavy heart on 2nd Feb 2023 early morning. 

My host family took good care of me. I became very sick but was recovered immediately by the pure Grace of God. I attended school regularly, this brought back memories of my school days. I enjoyed learning new experiences, learnt to eat new food and enjoyed the new atmosphere. I learnt to make some Dutch food, like Dutch cake. The sessions on team building and higher order thinking skills in mathematics were very fruitful.

Mr Gert Jan Niewold

Since 1978, I’ve been with Greijdanus High School, becoming Principal in 2009. I oversee the entire school, offering Dutch education to students aged 12-18 at various levels. In 2017, I visited Anita Methodist School in India, deeply impressed by the dedicated staff, effective management, and eager students. I witnessed the impact of internationalization, like the Care project. Indian culture and education quality left a lasting impression. Learning from alumni, the Principal, and staff, I’m committed to sustaining cooperation between my school and Anita Methodist, inspired by this positive experience.

Mrs Evelyn

By God’s Grace, we traveled to the Netherlands in February ’23, marking a profound learning journey. Meetings with teachers enriched our experience. The chilly air, pristine environment, and warm school and host family atmosphere linger in our memories. We eagerly savored their cuisine. Our host family and school teachers exposed us to countless new experiences during our two-week stay. This exchange program has been a remarkable adventure, and we hope it continues, making dreams come true for young minds.

Mr Klaas Arkema

Visiting Anita Methodist in January 2015 was life-changing. Witnessing Christ-loving educators working with numerous students, striving to provide individual attention, was inspiring. The teachers’ pride in their students’ achievements was evident. Indian colleagues’ hospitality, hosting me and guiding me through Chennai, was overwhelming.

I hope teachers from Greijdanus High School in Zwolle, Holland, and Chennai can collaborate on student projects, fostering mutual growth in knowledge, faith, and trust in God.

Mrs Keerthana

I had the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks in the Netherlands, and I can only describe it as a life-changing experience. Thanks to God’s grace, I was able to immerse myself in Dutch culture, witness their education system, and learn about their unique teaching and learning methods. The memories of delicious Dutch cuisine, the refreshing cold weather, and the beautiful environment still linger in my mind. I’m forever grateful to the two warm and welcoming families I stayed with. All in all, my time in the Netherlands was a truly wholesome and enriching journey.

Martin Jan de Jong (CEO Greijdanus)

Greijdanus, a Reformed Secondary School in the eastern Netherlands, follows value-based principles, including following Christ, togetherness, distinctiveness, and service. This ethos extends within the school, its surroundings, and globally. Anita Methodist School in Chennai has become an exceptional partner for student exchanges, educational collaboration, professional exchanges, and support projects. Over the past four years, this program has positively transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals and education practices. Greijdanus is grateful for this partnership and looks forward to further nurturing it to benefit more people in the future.

Student Exchanges Testimonials


My time in the Netherlands was delightful, especially due to the welcoming teachers at Greijdanus and their education system. Dutch friends made me feel like one of them, and I enjoyed unique activities and sports. The bond with my host family is a cherished lifelong connection. They cared for me like their own child, becoming my second parents.


Participating in my school’s exchange program was a dream come true, thanks to God. It allowed me to immerse in Dutch culture and lifestyle. The Greijdanus education system was inspiring, and the country’s beauty was breathtaking. Our trip to Germany was unforgettable, and the fellowship was evergreen. This exchange taught me that trusting in God brings blessings, fulfilling my desires. The memories created during this exchange will forever hold a special place in my heart ❤.


I am Nicholas Samuel. I was part of the exchange program 2022 – 23 to the Netherlands. It was a very great experience. I loved attending school which was a different experience. I got to experience cold weather and snow. I learned to Ice skate which I loved the most. I loved the food in the Netherlands. My host family was very kind to me and they took care of me as their son. I’m thankful for this opportunity which gave me a different outlook of life.


I participated in my school’s exchange program, spending 21 unforgettable days in the Netherlands. This experience broadened my understanding of European culture, language, education, lifestyle, and cuisine. We explored Berlin, Amsterdam, the Hydropower Plant, and a bread museum, while completing a water management project with Greijdanus Institution’s assistance. I feel incredibly fortunate for this opportunity and had the most amazing host family, a constant source of joy and support. Leaving them after forming a strong attachment was a heartwrenching part of the journey.

Greijdanus – Anita Methodist Student Exchange

Since 2013, Anita Methodist and Greijdanus, a school in The Netherlands, have conducted an exchange programme in which a minimum of 4 students are selected from each school to study in the school and stay with families in the host country for around three weeks.

Students in 2013

  • Aravind Ravindran
  • Caleb Sundaram Andrews
  • Dheeraj Samuel Gnanaraj Selvin Prabhu
  • Selwyn Joshua Manoharan

Students in 2014

  • Joshua
  • Ruth Getsie
  • Abisha Gracelin Paul
  • Jonathan Jebuz Ben

Students in 2015

  • Akilan Judah
  • Santhosh Kumar
  • Sarah Dawn Jebalance
  • Tephilla Beatrice

Students in 2016

  • Esther
  • Immanuel
  • Erlinda Scarlet
  • Shelton Samuel

Students in 2017

  • Athsha Twinkle Valentina
  • Jonah Solomon Raj
  • Immanuel Giftson
  • Tabithal

Students in 2018

  • Raju Yerraguntla Babu
  • Rebecca. A
  • Blessy Merciline
  • Sam Daniel John. J

Students in 2019

  • Sneha Jillian
  • Aswin Lewis
  • Sherman D Joseph
  • Raghini Devi

Students in 2020

Students in 2023

  • Jabin
  • Phebe
  • Nicholas
  • Jeshurun


AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides international and intercultural learning and education through diverse exchange programs among the youth of 53 different countries from all over the world. It provides students with an opportunity to not only stay and study abroad but also to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to become global citizens, address global issues and help create a more just and peaceful world.

Anita Methodist has partnered with AFS since 2013 to send our students to spend a year in various parts of the world. The school conducts a preliminary selection of students, after which the students go through a rigorous selection process by AFS which includes a statement of purpose, a written test and an interview. The students who complete the exchange program return with fresh eyes through which they see the world and a new found love for their school and country.

1st Batch : 2013-2014

  • Anugraha George – USA
  • Joel Solomon Raj A – USA

2nd Batch : 2014-2015

  • Akshara Sharon Bansod – USA
  • S. Sam Sunil – Italy

3rd  Batch : 2015-2016

  • Sheren Sheriff – USA
  • Amos Barnabas – USA

4th  Batch : 2017-2018

  • Grace Shalom – USA
  • Shahbaz Ali Khan – USA
  • Jonathan – USA

5th  Batch : 2018-2019

  • Jamima Jamesraj – USA
  • Mohan Raj – USA

6th  Batch : 2021-2022

  • Janice – USA

7th  Batch : 2022-2023

  • Praveen – USA

8th  Batch : 2023-2024

  • Anto – USA
  • Vishalini – USA

International Dimension in Schools Award by the British Council

  1. Flag the fruits (Pre Primary)
  2. Seasons across the seas (Std I – III)
  3. Folk dances folks(StdD III& IV)
  4. A yen for a dollar(Std V & VI)
  5. Cubic miles(Std VII)
  6. In the book or the Jungle(Std VIII & IX)
  7. The story of short stories(Std X & XI)

We hope the accreditation will prepare our pupils with skills for life and work in a global economy. It also opens the eyes of the students to new opportunities and helps them to become successful in their society. It gives our school a fresh and attractive identity to make ourselves globally conscious