Celebrating children is one of our core values. This propels us to connect with children from schools across the world. The school has a vibrant exchange programme both at the level of students and teachers.

Under the prestigious banner of AFS, we have had our children go as exchange students to the US, Egypt, Italy and Japan.

Thanks to our partnership with Greijdanus Schools, Netherlands, we send our students to the Netherlands. The school also hosts students and teachers from Netherlands. This partnership has kept us a technologically advanced school apart from advancements in other areas. Please read below some of the testimonials. 




Mrs. Lilly Priya William

mrs-lily-priya-msc-m-edIt was an honor not only to represent our school but also our country. We had presentations on Indiaand the Aid Project. We visited different departments during our stay of two weeks at school. We engaged in discussions on areas of mutual interest like Administration, Christian Identity, Mentor ship, Religious Studies, Academicsand Care Department. We were impressed by the dedication of teachers who facilitate the children to thinkand explore. They also inculcate ownership of learning in students consciously.

‘Night of Significance’ was a remarkable night where children of Greijdanus spent the whole night in school to raise money to support the underprivileged children in Anita Methodist school. I’m sure this will bring a difference in the lives of a hundred children who will be benefitted through the Care Project.

I will ever cherish the stay with the host families (Mr.Martin Jan De Jangand Mr.Yohan). I felt at home as they saw that I was comfortable during the stay. The stay in Hannie’s place was also a memorable one.

We really enjoyed the first experience of snowand learnt to cook some Dutch food. We visited many places including Amsterdam. We had an experience of going through the canal in a boatand marvelled at the architecture of the buildings. We attended a church service at Hattem where we had a warmand a special prayer for Anita Methodist School.

After my visit to the Netherlands I feel responsible to contribute more intensively for the progress of the school. It was a life changing experienceand an exposure to a different educational system. As Psalm 126:3 says, ‘The Lord has done great things for us, whereof we are glad’.”

Mr. Bram Verhoeff

bram-verhoeff1I’ve been in India, yes, at the Anita Methodist school in Chennai, twice, in 2015and this year, 2017. During the years our schools have known each other, I have organised student exchangesand teachers’ meetings; due to my experiences with the students, teachersand management from the Anita Methodist I have developed a deep likingand appreciation for all of them. We have learned a lot from each other! I have got 38 years’ worth of experience teaching in Canadaand the Netherlands at all levels,and thrive in an atmosphere of trust, creativityand challenge. God has given us, His children, many beautiful opportunities to connect our schoolsand children internationally. He gave us eyes to see, lips that we will tell: How great is God Almighty, who made all things well!

Mrs. Mary Shalini

mrs-mary-shalini-bsc-b-edHave you ever wondered what it is to take a break from your monotonous lifeand doing something that you love in a foreign land? That was what Anita Methodist gifted me on this new year. As Romans 8:28 says, ‘And we know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose’. Truly God worked something good for me as I am called according to His purpose to serve in this school .

The Night for India as they call it was truly a night of significance. The kids from Greijdanus came forward to help us raise money for the students of Anita Methodist. We were taken care by our exchange students. It was a great pleasure to stay with my host family. Yes, the Dutch are definitely warm people living in a cold land.

I had many opportunities to observe the teaching methods practiced there. The streaming of students amazed me. Here the students were grouped into three different streams based on their IQ level. Students have more hands-on experience in the different well-equipped laboratories. More than 100 well-trained staff, most of them part time teachers facilitate the children to excel in their learning.

Cubic Miles is a student collaborative project, which we have been engaging for past one year with Greijdanus. As a part of this project the students of Anita Methodistand Greijdanus learn about the various aspects of one Cubic mile space around their schoolsand exchange their learnings.”

Mr. Gert Jan Niewold

gert-jan-niewoldSince 1978, I have worked for the Greijdanus High School. In 2009, I became the Principal. Right now, I’m in daily charge of the entire school – students of 12-18 years old are being taught at every possible level that can be offered in Dutch education.

I have been in India in 2016and was very impressed by many things I observed at the Anita Methodist School. I particularly was impressed by the great measure of dedication by the staff, the qualities of the managementand eagerness of the students to learn. I was overwhelmed by the impact of internationalization on the school as I saw it firsthand – the Care projectand what the school contributes towards this. I was also moved by the Indian cultureand quality of education at the Anita Methodist. I learned a lot from the alumni, the principaland the other staff members. Because of my positive experience, I am determined to continue the cooperationand other ties between my schooland the Anita Methodist.

Ms. Susan Grace

ms-susan-grace-msc-b-edPsalm 113:7, 8 says, “He raises the poor from the dustand seats them with princes”. In that way, I’m blessedand privileged to visit a country miles away, a land I never dreamt of stepping into. Truly God has placed me among princes. It was a great learning experience, an eye opener to my way of thinkingand reasoning. I was impressed about the social behavior of people in the Netherlands. When they meet each other, they greet warmly, even the strangers with a happy smile. Everybody obeys the traffic rulesand share the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the city. They are conscious about their food habitsand lead a healthy life style. The most exciting thing in the Netherlands is their climate. They get snowfall, rain, mist, fogand sun all in a day. They are blessed with beautiful natureand bountiful resources.

This trip has impacted my life in many ways. I’ve learnt to plan my workand manage time more efficiently. I’m inspired to teach my subject in a more engaging manner keeping in mind, the importance of activities in class room to develop thinkingand reasoning skills. I have also become more conscious of the type of food that we need to choose for a healthy life style. I am amazed to see that they love themselvesand that made me realize that I have to spend more time for myselfand rework my hobbies. Anita Methodist School has always believed in discovering innate potentialsand grooming them. This school has also identified my potentialand trusted me with a great responsibility. I hope at Anita Methodist School, I will put to use the learning I gained from Greijdanus Schooland share in the responsibility of child- centered education. I thank the Lordand the management for this great opportunity which I will cherish all my life.

Mr. Klaas Arkema

I had the privilege of visiting Anita Methodist in January 2015. For me, it was a life-changing experience. To seeand experience how Christ-loving people are working with very big numbers of students in their classrooms, trying to give each student the attention that is needed…. Wow! What a tough job. But also very rewarding. I loved to see how the teachers were proud of the results of their hard work by seeing what their students had achieved.

I also was overwhelmed by the hospitality of our Indian colleagues. I was hosted by a colleagueand her husband took me all over Chennai, doing some shopping. That was an awesome experience!

I would like to see teachers of the Greijdanus High school of Zwolle (Holland)and the ones from Chennai continue to work together in projects with their students. So we can learnand grow together, not only in knowledge, but also in Faithand Trust in our great God.

Martin Jan de Jong (CEO Greijdanus)

unnamedGreijdanus is a Reformed secondary School based in four cities in the eastern part of The Netherlands (http://www.greijdanus.nl/Algemeen/English). Greijdanus works value based. Amongst others these are: following Christ, togetherness, distinctivenessand serving. This we do in the school, around the schooland in an international perspective. In Anita Methodist School in Chennai we found an extraordinary partner for student exchange, cooperation in education, exchange of professionalsand a support project. Over the last four years the exchange program changed the lives of hundreds of family members, students, professionalsand the way the education is organized in a substantialand positive way. Greijdanus feels blessed to have an exchange partner as Anita Methodist Schooland loves to let the relation flourish even moreand be a blessing to much more people in the future.


Greijdanus – Anita Methodist Student Exchange

Since 2013, Anita Methodistand Greijdanus, a school in The Netherlands, have conducted an exchange programme in which a minimum of 4 students are selected from each school to study in the schooland stay with the families in the other country for 3 weeks.

Students in 2013

  • Aravind Ravindran
  • Caleb Sundaram Andrews
  • Dheeraj Samuel Gnanaraj Selvin Prabhu
  • Selwyn Joshua Manoharan

Students in 2014

  • Joshua
  • Ruth Getsie
  • Abisha Gracelin Paul
  • Jonathan Jebuz Ben

Students in 2015

  • Akilan Judah
  • Santhosh Kumar
  • Sarah Dawn Jebalance
  • Tephilla Beatrice

Students in 2016

  • Esther
  • Immanuel
  • Erlinda Scarlet
  • Shelton Samuel

Students in 2017

  • Athsha Twinkle Valentina
  • Jonah Solomon Raj
  • Immanuel Giftson
  • Tabithal

Students in 2018

  • Raju Yerraguntla Babu
  • Rebecca. A
  • Blessy Merciline
  • Sam Daniel John. J

Students in 2019

  • Sneha Jillian
  • Aswin Lewis
  • Sherman D Joseph
  • Raghini Devi


AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides internationaland intercultural learningand education through diverse exchange programs among the youth of 53 different countries from all over the world. It provides students with an opportunity to not only stayand study abroad, but also to develop the knowledge, skillsand understanding needed to become global citizens, address global issuesand help create a more justand peaceful world.

Anita Methodist has partnered with AFS since 2013 to send our students to spend a year in various parts of the world. The school conducts a preliminary selection of students, after which the students go through a rigorous selection process by AFS which includes a statement of purpose, a written testand an interview. The students who complete the exchange program return with fresh eyes through which they see the worldand a new found love for their schooland country.

1st Batch : 2013- 2014

  • Anugraha George – USA
  • Joel Solomon Raj A – USA

2nd Batch : 2014 -2015

  • Akshara Sharon Bansod – USA
  • S. Sam Sunil – Italy

3rd  Batch : 2015- 2016

  • Sheren Sheriff – USA
  • Amos Barnabas – USA

4th  Batch : 2017- 2018

  • Grace Shalom – USA
  • Shahbaz Ali Khan – USA
  • Jonathan – USA

5th  Batch : 2018- 2019

  • Jamima Jamesraj – USA
  • Mohan Raj – USA


With the world fast becoming a global village, it has become imperative for us teachers and students think and act as global citizens.  We need to shift our focus to value-oriented experiential learning.

International work provides exposure to new practices and perspectives, aids professional development, and helps to raise teaching standards. For young students, it is a window for different cultures and countries, preparing them for life in a global society.

The British Council is the UK’s International organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. To counter the challenges that the schools across the world are grappling with, the British Council has come up with the ISA approach that is holistic and promising. And we are happy to have enrolled for the ISA award 2016-2019.

The process for ISA involves doing 7 curriculum activities, in which 80% of the student population is to be involved throughout the current academic year 2016-2019. Each of the following activities is based on an international context and has been approved by the British council ISA committee.

  1. Flag the fruits (Pre Primary)
  2. Seasons across the seas (Std I – III)
  3. Folk dances folks(StdD III& IV)
  4. A yen for a dollar(Std V & VI)
  5. Cubic miles(Std VII)
  6. In the book or the Jungle(Std VIII & IX)
  7. The story of short stories(Std X & XI)

We hope the accreditation will prepare our pupils with skills for life and work in a global economy. It also opens the eyes of the students to new opportunities and helps them to become successful in their society. It gives our school a fresh and attractive identity to make ourselves globally conscious.