The School Senate is formed, trained and entrusted with responsibility based on the strong belief of the teachers that students should have a voice in the running of the school and that voice should arise from a keen sense of responsibility. The students of the Senate work in partnership with school management and staff for the benefit of the school and its students. They are encouraged to question, criticize, and contribute productively to the decisions made by teachers and school management.

The responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the Senate students also nudge them to acquire leadership and organizational skills that will carry them in the future. It enables students to take ownership of their school and then inculcate that ownership in their classmates.

Senate’s vision

Anita Methodist’s senate, a team of students with the passion to serve, through excellent mentoring, commits to lead by truth, the school, and community, thereby facilitating a joyful learning environment.


The senators are mentored by well-trained professionals through workshop sessions that mainly focus to inculcate leadership qualities by experiential learning activities. 


The Senate comprises of portfolios such as the school pupil leaders, worship, resource, communication,co-curricular, academics, and sports. There are three levels by which the senate body is structured. Each portfolio consists of a junior prefect from grade 5, a sub-prefect from grade 9and a prefect from grade 11. The sports portfolio alone consists of captains from grade 11.


School pupil leaders

School pupil leaders play an important role in influencing and promoting school culture. They also champion student-teacher collaboration. They are trained to serve and lead the school through teamwork and dedication.



The portfolio of worship is a team of students that leads everyone towards the right path for the glory of God. They also help in raising up a God-fearing young community on the campus.



The portfolio of resources utilizes and improves all the available resources in the best way in order to make our school a more safe, productive, and delightful place for the students and staff. 



The portfolio of communication helps the student body to carry out an effective communication with the school. They motivate and build students to articulate well. They also act as a bridge between students and teachers by engaging in various vocabulary activities.



The portfolio of co-curriculum helps in the complete holistic growth of the student community through extracurricular activities. They achieve this mainly through organizing and managing various cultural events including annual day, wood apple, and intra school festivals.



The portfolio of academics promotes one of our core values-‘joyful learning’ within the school campus. Moreover they act as mentors to the student community in order to make them academically strong.



 The portfolio of sports includes a games captain along with four house captains respectively- Baldwins, Jesudians, Johnsons, and Viswasam. They play a major role in organizing and managing the sports week. They encourage collaboration over competition and they are bound to bring up a healthy young community for this society.


School Pupil Leaders Samuel Paul A XI – A
Jasmine A XI – A
Assistant School Pupil Leaders Arpana R IX – A
Haruz Devin A IX – D
Junior School Pupil Leaders Chris Ilamaran J V – C
Raenia Asvikaa Kamali K V – D
Prefect of Worship Kelcey R XI – B
Sub- Prefect of Worship Ida Jeya Sharon D IX – A
Junior Prefect of Worship Infanta Judy S V – D
Prefect of Communication John Kevin S XI – A
Sub- Prefect of Communication Anto Santhosh G IX – D
Junior Prefect of Communication Dallas Slim A V – B
Prefect of Resources Nandhini V XI – B
Sub- Prefect of Resources Lakshidha Angel S IX – C
Junior Prefect of Resources Bharathi V – D
Prefect of Academics Sibi Aditya B XI – A
Sub- Prefect of Academics Mohammed Arkham M IX – C
Junior Prefect of Academics Jabez Immanuel C V – B
Prefect of Co-curriculum Aaradhana R XI – A
Sub- Prefect of Co-curriculum Shaun S Vaidhyanathan IX – C
Junior Prefect of Co-curriculum Adesh Yuvan Kanna S V – C
Prefect of Games Praveen A XI – A
Johnson House Captain Akshaya R XI – B
Baldwin House Captain Paul Duwin E XI – D
Jesudian House Captain Rohith Christopher Y XI – B
Viswasam House Captain Nisha B T XI – D